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Jewelry Design

 Featured Jewelry:


Dalmation Stone Vintage Necklace

Accentuates Natural Beauty. It is

a uniquely One-of-a-Kind Design.


Necklace: 16.5 inch length chain

Pendant Stone and Bead: 3 inches

Stone: 2 X2 inches, 3/8 inch thick

Neutral Color: Taupe background 

with black and red-clay speckles.


This vintage gemstone necklace

features Dalmation Stone, hand

selected for dramatic coloration

and shape. It is lightweight; has

a bright luster polish; and is skill-

fully cut into a perfect circle with

beveled edge. A vintage mesh

chain with natural champagne-

color patina completes this aesthetic design.

Photo Detail:   Jewelry on lichen spotten volocanic

rock at Slough Creek, Yellowstone National Park, WY

Dalmation Stone necklace contrasted with the dark-steel color of fractured lava rock.

As Water Falls , this beaded necklace design is a cascade of wood and ceramic beads. 

Pattern and Texture are the destinctive elements of this  silver, grey mesh, and

white ceramic beaded choker necklace.  Beads are threaded onto four silver color

fine steel wire strands and finished with etched silver hook closure.  Necklace is pictured with random patterns and colors of lichen covered rock.










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